meraki /μεράκι/ noun
the soul, creativity, or love put into something;
the essence of yourself that is put into your work.

My Story

Hullo there fellow kinksters! Welcome. I’m pippin. I’m a queer woman. I live with the love of my life on a ‘rock’ in the middle of a vast and magnificent deep blue ocean. I’m lucky because I never thought I’d have the kind of unconditional love I share with my twin with another person. It’s surprising because I have many flaws and am an odd bird being a nonconformist and INTJ. My saving grace, I think, is my keen sense of humour and effulgent and optimistic nature. To the consternation of my darling neglected V, however, my ravenous curiosity has me reading a lot and spending way too much time in my head. My particular obsessions include art, technology, elegant design that works, and spanking—not necessarily in that order. *g*

Sapphic Kinks

Sapphic Kinks is my Ode to Woman, to all the badass women who inspire us to pave our own path and to have the audacity to wonder and revel in the delicious play of our imagination. Initially developed as Sapphic Kink to bring my passions together in a fun way and to provide women a place to discover artists who create work that relates to FF spanking, discipline, and a myriad of kinky goodness, the site evolved to include Femmes | The Pith of Woman, a dedicated page to celebrate and embrace Woman with all her wonderful complexities. Then Pith | The Essence of Something grew out of my desire to curate vanilla quotes and images that inspire, tickle, provoke. The collection serves as a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to persevere in pursuit of truth.

I hope that the images and writings linked to or showcased here will delight you.

Should you find something that impresses you, please thank the artists directly and support their work.

Being creatively impaired, I’m deeply appreciative of these creative souls whose works stir my senses, emotions, and intellect in a deliciously wicked way. Now, I do my best to source everything here, but that’s not always possible. If you see any of your work or know of the origin, do let me know so I may give proper credit.


The works linked to or showcased on Sapphic Kinks express a variety of erotic fantasies and practices. Though appreciative of the multifariousness of human sexuality, I am vehemently opposed to non-consensual, abusive, violent behaviour outside the realm of fantasy.

Consent is fundamental to TTWD.

Sapphic Kinks is a labour of love. Enjoy the site, and have a grand spanking day!


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