Sapphic Kinks is made with , albeit with a bit of cursing when code that worked perfectly fine only seconds ago simply breaks for reasons that will never be known! Thank goodness then for web faeries who magically fix things before the hair-pulling commences. *g* Seriously though, SK would not look and function the way it does without the developers and artists mentioned here. I’m enormously grateful and utterly inspired by their talent and expertise. I’m learning a lot and understanding WordPress’ ‘Code is Poetry’ metaphor because anyone can put a few elements and styles together to make a website, but it is a wondrous thing for a developer to string together code so elegantly as a poet crafts her poem with the appreciation of the structure and essence of language. It’s very exciting, and I have much to learn.

This little website of mine is put together on my purrrty Mac running OS X. It runs on an Apache web server, which in turn runs on a Linux based server. Web pages and graphics are developed/edited with Adobe Creative Cloud applications and tools.

SK is best viewed on a Mac with the current version of Firefox. I know, I know. I should develop with other browsers* in mind. I assure you it’s not laziness on my part. I could do this 24/7; however, apart from eating, sleeping, and a full-time job, the darling wife demands—rightly so—her date nights.

*Besides its pathetic security and rendering, I’m afraid the site is rather buggy on Internet Explorer and older browsers. I’d highly suggest exploring the more modern browsers available (i.e., Chrome, Firefox).

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the elements and effects built into Sapphic Kinks.


POPO emotions icons by Rokey Rabbit

Thérèse avatar created with Faerie Photoshop brush by Federica of Damned in Black

Token icon set by Evan Brooks

Tuzki emoticons by Wang Momo

Yolks icons by Annassi medhi

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Open Source


BackWPup by Inpsyde GmbH

Google FeedBurner

HungryFEED by VerySimple


Intuitive Custom Post Order by hijiri




Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions by CAGE Web Design

Perl CGI




Regenerate Thumbnails by Alex Mills

Royal Slider by Dmitry Semenov

W3 Total Cache by Frederick Townes


WP Plyr by Brandon Lavigne


Adobe Typekit

Ambroise Std Firmin by Typofonderie

Anisette Std Petite by Typofonderie

Ethon by Fatnobrain

Font Awesome by Dave Gandy

Font Squirrel

Google Web Fonts

Lekton by ISIA Urbino

Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck

Reina by Maximiliano Sproviero

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